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Posted by Solar Exclusive on Thursday, February 14, 2019
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Are you tired of spending money on leads that have been sold to your competitors? Would you prefer to save time and buy solar appointments directly? Solar Exclusive can do that for you. We offer comprehensive plans that ranges from lead generation to pre-set appointments.

To get solar appointments for our clients, we start by generating exclusive leads. Subpar companies will tell you that there are not enough exclusive leads in the solar business. That is simply not true, it just allows them to increase the cost for each lead and make non-exclusive leads seem like a better option for the price.

Some might say there are a lot of other ways to get solar leads and book appointments with them. Posting blogs or articles about your services may create interest in the services you offer, but it will take too much time; time that you would have used to focus on your business. Some others pay a lot of money to join coach programs that teach how to run Facebook ads to generate sales. The downside to this is that they only teach people how to copy the ads, they do not understand marketing or buying psychology.

We say the best way to generate leads and turn them into customers when you book appointments is with the use of solar lead generation companies like ours because of these benefits.

Benefits of Using a Solar Lead Generation Company to Buy leads:

  • Reduces your Burden

We will take the workload away from you so you can focus on the most important thing – your core competencies. Handling the hunt for new customers for you will be our priority. We even go further by educating the homeowners about the products or services you provide.

  • Expertise

We have tons of experience in solar business and marketing. When you make use of our services, you do not need to bother with the complexity of buying behaviors, marketing or online psychology. As an added advantage, we deal with marketing for the solar industry only. This makes us experts in the field with our years of experience because we know the techniques that yield favorable results and the ones that don’t.

  • Increase Awareness

We generate our leads by running campaigns which increases your brand engagement and directly increases sales. The marketing techniques employed can go a long way in expanding your business and even increase the traffic on your website.

  • Exclusive Leads

All of the leads that will be provided are for you and only you. That means no more competing with other businesses for the same leads. Your prices can remain intact while you provide your best service to the customers. Our unique leads have also been vetted and verified to make the process of converting them into paying customers a lot easier.

  • Save Costs

Using Solar Exclusive to generate leads and book solar appointments can go a long way in helping you save costs. There will be a reduced need to organize your advertising schemes and marketing campaigns because it will be included in the package you are getting from us. This helps you to have a wider net to get a lot more customers at a reduced cost.

  • Full Digital Marketing Experience

Social media and digital marketing have become an important channel through which links are generated because offline methods do not produce the same results as they used to due to the following reasons:

  • Ignorance about Solar

A significant population of people with an interest in solar still do not know a lot about it. This makes them reluctant as they are still confused about the benefits it could offer them. Digital marketing techniques solves these problems as it educates prospects about solar during the campaign process.

  • Slow Process

Offline methods used in talking to prospects can make them tired of the process and cause customer inertia. Offline methods come with a bit of complexity in the transactions and a slow decision-making process. With online methods, the process is much faster, as the leads are already interested in solar and our process encourages them to automatically book a meeting with you. This makes it easier and faster to convert the leads into customers.

How We Generate Leads and Allow You to Buy Solar Appointments

We use social media channels to generate leads because this method is cost-effective. It offers better conversion rates than door-to-door marketing and there are several channels to choose from. We have spent millions of dollars on several campaigns and have collected a lot of data on homeowners. We also leverage the relationships we have with the solar companies in Australia and the United States that have been built over the years. Our process works in the following three simple steps:

Solar Data Mining

Generating exclusive leads is all about targeting the right people and creating an interest in your services by telling them why they should pick your business over another. The keyword there is ‘targeting the right people’ because talking to someone who has no interest whatsoever in solar about your services and the various deals you offer will be futile.

So, how do we know the ‘right’ people? How do we find individuals with interest in solar that can be turned into leads? We achieve this by utilizing relevant information from homeowners which we have spent millions of dollars gathering over the years. Our process helps us to quickly identify prospects that will likely be interested in the services you offer. This information is gotten from social media; based on their interests, who they follow, and what they spend time on the most.

Years of experience have made us specialists in identifying viable prospects. This process is very difficult to replicate by other companies because:

  • They do not have a go-to marketing strategy and this makes it difficult to get a constant supply of prospective leads.
  • They have challenges setting appointments with these leads and closing the deals with them.

These companies tend to give all their clients the same leads, thereby causing them to compete with each other. The same leads are given to competitors and are resold over and over again. Because of the perceived availability of leads they seem to possess they always have clients to sell those leads to and are usually uninterested if any of their clients leave.

That is not the best way to conduct operations because it leaves the clients unsatisfied and doesn’t produce any results. The only sure way to generate unique and exclusive leads for clients is by carrying out adequate research to identify those interested in solar information.

Pre-Qualification and Campaign Launch

Before a marketing campaign is launched, it is important to vet all of the prospective customers to make sure they are the right fit. Our process will check them based on variables such as credit scores and determine if they are qualified to be included in the campaign.

We also consider your service areas and incorporate them into our selection process before kicking it off. For the process to be successful, we map out a strategy to follow to capture the intended prospects. We need to fully define the target audience and several customer types as well as what they have in common. The strategy will involve the plan of the entire campaign process from the beginning to the end. Putting together an effective strategy will ensure that you hit the bullseye when the campaign is launched.

The next step is the launching of the marketing campaign. Based on the strategy, this will be easy to do as it would reveal the targets, message, and platform to use. The campaign that will work for another company might not work for you because the process and methods used are designed based on the needs of the client. We have tools in place for tracking metrics so that the performance of the campaign can be monitored and our process can be improved subsequently.


After the campaign has been launched, we monitor the progress in real-time and continue tweaking it as need be. Based on the reaction gotten, we will make changes to the messaging or add more features. This is to make sure that it continues to generate a constant supply of exclusive solar leads that can be converted into customers.

After the leads have been generated, we do not just hand them over and leave you to do all of the conversion. We encourage them to ask for a quote of the services or better still book their appointments online. That is why we are not just a lead generation company, we also offer solar appointments. This is a motivating factor as it gives a feeling of control to them because they made the decision. This puts you in a better position to ‘sell’ to them when you eventually meet.

Since they are inviting you to their house, it doesn’t matter the time of the year, all you have to do is clear your calendar and make yourself available. When you do go to interact with them, presentation is key in turning them into paying customers. Therefore, there are some tips to take note of if you intend to convert those leads into customers:

  • Be unique

Make sure that during your pitch, the sales presentation used isn’t the same with previous competitors that would have probably talked to them. Those usually undercut the market prices to close the deal, you have to come across as unique and genuine unlike the rest of them. You have to remember, some of these customers have had bad experiences with these other companies that claim to provide exclusive leads.

The second you give customers the perception that you are just like the others, they’ll think it is the same old deal and will bring up their walls. This can make you lose customers that are genuinely willing and able to purchase solar products and services.

  • Educate Them

Some of these leads do not fully understand the benefits of using solar technology. It is your job to inform them because a lot of people are interested but have been fed the wrong information from other sources. Others are confused about the whole thing and do not know where to start. However, do not bore them. You should find a way to keep them actively engaged and interested in what you are proposing.

Why You Should Get Solar Appointments from Us Today

  • Our Clients Are Number One

In everything we do, above all else, satisfying our clients is our priority. We have spent years building a reputation for delivering quality leads and satisfying our clients. We are constantly brainstorming on new ways to help your business grow. For us, your long-term growth will serve as a testament to our competence. We hope to maintain good relationships with all of our clients.

  • Proven Strategies

We have years of experience in this field with results to back it up. Our methods have been fine-tuned over the years to create an effective system that generates exclusive leads for our clients. Our process is a complete ‘done for you’ solution. It is designed to make the process of lead generation and conversion as comfortable for our clients as possible

  • Cost Flexibility

Our services are affordable as they provide an allowance for different budgets. We can tailor a plan for you and increase your solar deals to up to 5, 10 or even as high as 50 in just a month. With the top-notch service we will provide, what you are getting is your money’s worth.

Stop wasting time on reused leads that do not convert. Contact us today to buy solar appointments and exclusive solar leads. You can also go through our website to book a strategy call, watch case studies, and review some of the testimonials from our clients. You will see that our results speak for themselves. We would love to sit down with you and see how we can move your business forward.

Our Exclusive Process


Solar Data Mining

Since we started specializing in solar marketing several years ago, we have years worth of homeowner data that we have spent hundreds of thousands on accumulating to use in our solar campaigns. This lets us target ONLY the “needle” instead of the “haystack” (quality homeowners who have a high interest in solar or are financially able to qualify).



Once we use our solar data to kickstart your campaign, we pre-qualify every prospect that comes through our sequence.

We disqualify the tirekickers and timewasters if they do not qualify for certain criteria, such as: being the homeowner, having good credit, having a high enough electric bill, etc.



As the qualified leads pass our criteria, they are then motivated to book an in-home appointment right on your calendar.

This automation means you can spend your time with qualified and motivated buyers instead of chasing down unqualified, recycled leads.